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Where the Millennials at?!

10 most common jobs for Millennials


By Isabelle Laureta

Let me just say this once and for all in behalf of my fellow Millennials: Contrary to what other generations believe, we do care about our jobs. And we don’t only go to work to have enough money to score some expensive concert tickets (yes, Coldplay, I’m talking about you). Although that’s largely part of the reason our effort to build our careers is more fuelled by our desire to grow as a person and simultaneously find and achieve what we want out of life as successful individuals.

And while Millennials are known for job-hopping (jumping from one job to another in a short period of time) we can certainly see trends on where our generation chooses to plant the seeds of our careers. These trends not only reflect Millennial strengths and interests (i.e. social media, technology, arts), but also our traits and characteristics as a whole (i.e. desire for work-life balance, creativity, etc.) Below are the most common careers we Millennials spend a huge chunk of our time on (aside from ranting about concert ticket prices, political injustices, and the latest episode of the TV show we’re watching, of course.)


Advertising Account Executive

CareerCast.com reports that the projected hiring outlook for advertising account executives by 2022 would be up by 12 percent, and we’re definitely feeling it as early as now. According to AdWeek.com, Millennials make up 44 percent of the entire advertising industry. But I definitely didn’t need these statistics to notice the surge of people my age who are getting into advertising. Most of my friends are in the industry, or got their start in advertising. But it’s not only because Millennials are attracted to work at ad agencies. According to AdWeek, it’s also because agencies themselves seek Millennial employees because of our firsthand discernment of the latest worldwide trends.

Marketing Specialists

Millennials don’t only know trends, we also know how to use them to favor the brands we’re representing. According to SmartRecruiters, one of the most common entry level jobs for the younger generation are in marketing, while CareerCast lists market research analysts as one of the top jobs for Millennials, with a 32 percent projected growth outlook by 2022.

Social Media Manager

Speaking of trends, of course there has to be a social media manager in this list. If social media were a language, it would be one that, if not all, most Millennials could speak. Fluently. I, myself, have worked at a major network as a social media manager and all my fellow SMMs are Millennials. Heck, even my then-boss is a Millennial! CareerCast also included this one in their 2015 list of top jobs for our generation, with a projected hiring outlook of 13 percent by 2022.


For someone who thinks mathematics is a language from another universe, this can be hard to digest. But different folks, different strokes, right? Payscale.com’s report on Generation Y says that environmental engineering and civil engineering are two of the most popular jobs for people our age. CareerCast also reports the same thing for civil engineers, with a projected hiring outlook of 20 percent. That’s good news considering Jobstreet reported careers in engineering as one of the top paying jobs for Millennials in the Philippines.

Customer-service related

SmartRecruiters reports customer service-related jobs as the second most common entry-level position in recent years. This data makes sense if we look at the findings by the 2016 Deloitte Millennial survey. It says our generation care largely about customer care, ranking third in the most important values Millennials think a business should follow. So the next time you yell at a customer service representative, remember he or she could be someone your age. Or if you belong to the older generation, remember that he or she could be a child of someone you know.


Payscale.com included a bunch of IT-related jobs in their list of common jobs for Generation Y. CareerCast also says the same thing, with computer systems analyst landing third in their top 10 jobs for Millennial employees. Only goes to show that people my age know more about computers and the Internet than ranting on social media, huh?

Creative services

This includes careers in fashion design, film production, and freelance design among many other jobs that require creativity. Payscale lists jobs in creative services 3.09 times more common for Millennials than any other workers, so I guess that says a lot about our creativity. And although it’s not the most financially rewarding (and most definitely not the chill-est) job in the country, a lot of passionate Millennials are still getting into creative work.


Remember when our older relatives asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up and we almost always answered a doctor or nurse? Well, we’re seeing the fruits of those half-meant statements now. Not necessarily doctors or nurses, but there’s a trend among Millennials who are finding jobs in healthcare services. Payscale listed healthcare specialists as the fifth most common job, while CareerCast’s seventh on their list are physical therapists.

Government workers

If you think kids my age are entitled spoiled brats who only care for themselves, think again, because more and more Millennials are finding jobs at government agencies nowadays. An unlikely career choice perhaps, but according to the Deloitte Millennials survey, overall sense of purpose is one of the top factors Millennials consider when making decisions at work. Pair that with Millennials’ natural curiosity and you got the reason why Millennials are getting more and more into government work.


Tell me this shocked you as it shocked me because I’m still hung up on the idea that OFWs = parents. But according to a survey by the Philippine Statistics Authority, more than half (55.8%) of OFWs in 2015 are Millennials. In a survey of freshman college students conducted by the Far Eastern University, 74.3 percent said they’d like to work abroad because of the high pay. Oh, the things Millennials would go through for some Coldplay tickets. Just kidding.

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