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Large Black Pig gives birth to 14 piglets


By Zac B. Sarian

  • PROLIFIC LARGE BLACK PIG – This is the Large Black Pig of Eugene Gabriel that gave birth to 14 piglets in its first farrowing. This is an heirloom breed from the United Kingdom which has long been overlooked by the commercial breeders of the white pigs. The Large Black Pig is prolific, very docile and with very good mothering ability. Eugene Gabriel paid P45,000 for this pig when it was three months old. A Filipino based in the UK has already reserved a big number for growing in the Cordillera.

  • TWO POTS OF WILTED LETTUCE – To show the dramatic effect of spraying Megafol, the plants in the pot at left were sprayed with Megafol. On the other hand, the plants at right (control) were sprayed with plain water. The result is shown in the picture below.

  • MEGAFOL RESURRECTS – As this picture dramatically shows, the wilted lettuce that were sprayed with Megafol were fully resurrected after three hours to their full status as if they were not stressed at all. On the other hand, the plants sprayed with plain wate are still slowly recovering.

  • PROLIFIC BLACK PEPPER – Photo shows the long fruit spikes of the Paniyur variety of black pepper originally from Kerala, India. The fruit spikes are more than four inches, which means it is practically double the size of the native variety. Rooted planting materials are now available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal. Given the right care, they will bear fruit in just over a year from planting.

  • SPIRULINA FARM TOUR – Aztec Spirulina will conduct a farm tour and orientation in its growing facility at 9A Buick St. Village East Executive Homes in Cainta, Rizal from 9 to 11 a.m. today. Attendees will see the high-tech facilities for growing high-grade spirulina. A lecture on the many health benefits of spirulina will be conducted by nurse Valerie Puente. Photo shows Edrian Puente and his father Napoleon in their roofed Spirulina farm.

  • RED LADY PAPAYA SEEDLINGS – The dwarf papaya varieties are among the best money-makers for farmers. Varieties like Red Lady, Sinta and others are very prolific and they bear fruit throughout the year. Papaya is a favorite fruit so that there is a big ready market for ripe as well as green fruits. The green fruits are cooked as vegetable in dishes like “tinola” and other preparations. Photo shows robust Red Lady seedlings now available at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

    Eugene Gabriel of Santiago City in Isabela could not hold his excitement last March 20. He was resting from a resort in Dindiawan, Aurora, but he called to tell us that one gilt of the Large Black Pig he had bought at a very high price had given birth to 14 piglets. His caretaker had just phoned to tell him.

    Well, we could not fault him for getting excited. He had all the right to tell the world about the good news. He now considers the P45,000 that he paid for one 3-month-old gilt was not a waste of funds but a good investment. A few weeks earlier, one of the gilts had given birth to 12 piglets.

    The Large Black Pig which is an heirloom breed from the United Kingdom is really prolific. Not only that, the mother pig is very docile and has very good mothering ability. It is also a fast grower.

    Now, Eugene and a partner have big plans for the breed. They are now starting a multiplier farm in Central Luzon where they will feed their pigs with Total Mix Ration, a formulation with beneficial microorganisms, enzymes and biofiber ingredients that are fermented. This TMR promotes fast growth and cost much less than the commercial feeds in the market.


    BIOSTIMULANT FOR STRESSED PLANTS – Now comes a liquid formulation from Italy which works wonders on stressed plants, whether vegetables, cereals, fruit trees and practically all other crops. The product is called Megafol that comes in liquid form and is sprayed on plants to protect them from stresses.

    Stresses in plants come in many forms. It could be due to lack of water, too high temperature or too cold temperature as in frost. Stresses could also be due to too much rain resulting in waterlogging, outbreaks of pests and diseases, strong winds and many others. When plants are stressed, they will not be able to attain the potential yield of the varieties. The result could be losses.

    To show the dramatic effect of applying Megafol, we are publishing here two pictures of lettuce grown in two pots. In the first picture, the plants in both pots are wilted. One pot (left) was sprayed with Megafol while the other was sprayed with plain water.

    The result of the treatment is shown in the second picture. Three hours after spraying, the plants sprayed with Megafol had regained their full status as if they didn’t undergo any stress at all. The plants in the other pot sprayed with plain water, on the other hand, still look limp and have not recovered from their ordeal.

    Responsible for the dramatic recovery of the plants sprayed with Megafol are the potent extracts from plants that were formulated by scientists of Valagro, one of the big manufacturers of biostimulants and special fertilizers in Italy.

    Even plants that are not stressed can benefit from Megafol because it contains growth activators which hasten the development of treated plants. Megafol has also beneficial effects on pollination of flowers so that better fruit set is achieved. Megafol also enhances the photosynthetic functions of the leaves which make the plants more efficient in making use of the sun to process their food.

    Megafol is distributed in the Philippines by Zetryl Chem Philippines headed by Danton B. Pajarillaga. The company also distributes several specialty fertilizers and biostimulants for plants.

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