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Big agribusiness trade show in Bangkok slated


By Zac B. Sarian

  • SIMA ASEAN AGRIBUSINESS SHOW – Photo shows a view of agricultural machinery exhibited in last year’s SIMA Agribusiness Show in Bangkok, Thailand. This year’s edition will showcase more than 300 well known brands of products and services from around the world.

  • PNEUMATIC CORN PLANTER – Eugene Gabriel of Right Agri is inspecting a pneumatic corn planter, one of the farm machines that makes possible fast and precise planting of corn seeds. Right Agri is promoting the use of efficient machinery in farming as an answer to the increasing scarcity of farm labor. Gabriel will head a delegation from Isabela to the SIMA Agribusiness Show next June 6-8 in Bangkok.

  • CORN PLANTER CAN FINISH ONE HECTARE IN ONE HOUR – Photo shows a six-row pneumatic corn planter being distributed by Agri Component Corporation which can plant single seeds in precise distances, and can finish planting one hectare in just one hour. Officials of Agri Comp are planning to attend the SIMA Agribusiness Show in Bangkok this June to find out what’s new in the industry.

  • SEMINARS AT SIMA AGRIBUSINESS SHOW – Seminars and workshops on a wide variety of topics will be conducted during the three-day event in Bangkok on June 6-8, 2018 under the auspices of Impact Exhibition Management Company. Photo shows attendees of a lecture in last year’s SIMA Agribusiness Show.

  • KOREAN PEARL ONION – This is a very interesting variety of leaf onion that can be grown for home consumption in pots around the home. This variety has very fine leaves with the strong characteristic smell of most onions. The leaves can be harvested for use in soups, salads, congee, arroz caldo, pansit and other preparations. The leaves are simply cut off and then new leaves will regrow. Just a few pots or containers can provide the needs of a household. Photo shows a beautiful growth of the Korean Pearl Onion at the Sarian Farm in Teresa, Rizal.

  • FREE SPIRULINA FARM TOUR AND ORIENTATION – Some 20 senior men and women participated in the recent farm tour and orientation at the Aztec Spirulina Farm in Cainta, Rizal owned by the Puente family. Photo shows Edrian Puente (right) briefing the attendees about the production of the blue-green algae considered the most nutritious food in the world with protein content of as much as 72 percent. Spirulina production on a commercial basis was started by Engr. Napoleon “Pol” Puente who found spirulina to be the answer to his health problems several years back. Demand is increasing so that he is now starting to develop a property in Tanay, Rizal for expansion.

    A major agribusiness trade show will be held on June 6-8, 2018 at the Impact Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand which Filipino agribusiness people might as well attend because of many ideas, products and technologies that could be picked up from the show.

    Farm machinery and equipment are among the many brands that will be showcased in the exhibits, according to Pauline Alary who is one of the coordinators of the event. Farm mechanization is one of the priorities in the Philippines today to improve farming efficiency, increase the quality of agricultural products and at the same time reduce production costs.

    She said that the exhibits will include tractors and power equipment, spare parts and accessories, embedded electronics, irrigation and water management systems, postharvest machinery, food processing and packaging equipment, dairy and milking facilities, greenhouse structures, seeds and organic fertilizers, crop protection products and many others.

    The 2018 edition of SIMA Agribusiness Show will featue big names such as Manitou which is a major player in farm machinery and heavy equipment in agriculture and construction. The agriculture vice minister of Vietnam will also be one of the honored guests. Conferences and workshops will also be conducted during the three-day event.

    This early, Eugene Gabriel, president of Right Agri based in Isabela, will head a delegation that includes the board of directors of his company as well as officials of Agri Components Corporation. Right Agri specializes in disseminating agricultural technologies and does consultancy while Agri Component is the major distributor of farm machinery that include Kubota and other brands from Korea, China, Turkey and India.

    Of course, Gabriel is not only interested in farm machines. He and his group are also looking at new developments in livestock nutrition like silage and Total Mix Ration (TMR) for small as well as large ruminants. Right Agri and a technical expert in microbiology are into the development of TMR that is highly nutritious yet very affordable.

    Gabriel added that they are also interested in small machinery that could be suitable for use in small farms by smallhold farmers. But of course, they are also looking into ideas that will improve farming efficiency in large scale plantations.

    The 2017 SIMA Asean exhibition where big names in the agribusiness sector participated was considered a big success, according to Pauline Alary. The major exhibitors included AG Growth International from Canada, Albuz Solera from France, Asian Maruyama from Thailand, Axema from France, Bellota Agrisolutions from Spain, Ceukel from Turkey, Chikamasa Co. from Japan, Fuji Corporation from Japan and many other big names in the industry.

    In her testimonial, Fuji Corporation’s Ms. Tip Mart Nang Khan said: “Sima is where we can meet with buyers from around the world. This is our third time in Thailand and we are very pleased with the results. The feedback on visitors is very good because we get many sales after the show, so we are very happy with the results. We will exhibit again next year.”


    SPIRULINA FARM TOUR – More than 20 participants joined the free tour and orientation at the Aztec Spirulina Farm in Cainta, Rizal.

    Edrian Puente, in charge of production, gave a comprehensive lecture on how they produce the blue-green algae which they make into capsules and granules. These are considered the most complete food as per the pronouncement of the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization.

    As per laboratory analysis, Aztec spirulina products contain as much as 72 percent protein which is two percentage points better than its best counterpart from Australia. Edrian’s sister Pat also discussed the story how her father, Engr. Pol Puente, got into the business of growing spirulina. Her mother, Valerie, on the other hand, discussed the many benefits derived from taking spirulina.

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