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Most Valuable Papa


Compiled by Terence Repelente and Dom Galeon



Daddy, I like how it takes time for one to know you and how there are very few people who do. You don’t give yourself away. I like how outspoken you are, yet not imposing. I like how even now that you’re going senior, you continue to put effort for your self-growth. Thank you for not only sharing, but giving your life to us. Please know that in your imperfectness, you are still loved.—Praise Diokno


Working for long hours and miles away from us just to provide for your family makes you the strongest, hardworking, passionate, and selfless person I know. You may not always be physically present during some special occasions, but you always make sure we know how much you love us. We appreciate all the sacrifices you’ve done for our family. I look forward to spending special occasions with you. Happy Father’s Day, Dadad.—Airene Belino


I love dipping my feet in the water with you, dad, and of course, our adventures.—Darvin Diaz


You are that comic relief in the house, when everyone just needs to laugh, that straight arrow we latch onto in order to correct our path, even if it hurts us, we know at the end of it, all will be good. And most of all, you are our friend, a cool and wise best friend, who knows us deep inside and will only wish what is good for us. We have never doubted the fact that you are and always will be a blessing for us nine. Happy Father’s Day Dad! May God continue to bless you with all the Virtues in the world, and keep both you and Mom stronger than ever! I love you, dad! —Jose Rafael Del Rosario


I’m so grateful for all your guidance and wisdom, thanks for always being there for us. You really are the best! Happy Father’s day! We love you. —Jewel Delgado


To my dad who loves me beyond words can say (because we don’t usually say ‘I love you’ to each other), Happy Fathers Day! From your baby Angel! —Angelica Alfelor


“Tatay, Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for always teaching us what is right. I know you are always a good example to us. I’m sorry if there are times that Dionne and I are hard headed. I always like you when you are cheering me up when I feel sad sometimes. You are a great father because you do everything for us. Keep it up, Tatay.”—Dylan Pabalate


Dear Papa, I love you so much! Thank you so much for all your sacrifices just to keep our lives comfortable. Thank you also for always inspiring and encouraging me to reach my goals in life. Happy Father’s Day, Pa! Love you! —Murielle Santiago


Hey, dad! Thank you so much for always being there for us. You never give up and that’s what I love about you the most. You may not realize this but you are the most influential person I know and the number one person I look up to. I won’t forget the way you treat mom and the three of us kids because you are my example as to how I will treat my family in the future. Stay strong, dad! We love you so much, superman!—Joey Ganzon


Thank you for spoiling us and being an awesome dad. We love you always! —Elyssa Rosales


My dad is my over all role model, exceptional at work and at home. —Kit Palabyab


Happy Father’s Day to the most loving, hardworking, and amazing twin fathers we could ever have! —Daphne Landoy-De Gracia


I’m always proud to be your son and of everything you do! Thanks for everything, pops. Happy Father’s Day!—Rich Lopa


My dad is, and will always be, my superhero. With all his might, he’ll keep everything bright. That’s why I love him.—Madz Nidea


He is always by my side despite the problems that we are currently encountering. He is a loving father, who will do anything and everything just to give what I need. He works all day, every day driving his Grab car. He always gives his best for me and my brother. I love you, papa!—Edison Santos

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