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Barcelona sets Agribiz Kapihan Starting July


By Zac B. Sarian

  • INTEGRATED PIGGERY – The Red Dragon Piggery which boasts of 2,000 sows produces all the fatteners that are supplied to more than 140 Fresh Options outlets as well as restaurants run by the company. The fattened pigs are slaughtered in a modern abbatoir and then further processed into various products for the market in other state-of-the art facilities..

  • LANI ESPIRITU is a happy gardener who produces organically grown culinary herbs. Photo shows her with a beautifully-grown rosemary that she brought to the Agribiz Kapihan at Toto Barcelona’s new building in Taytay, Rizal. All the plants she brought were sold out.

  • GRAFTING ADENIUM DEMO – Vic Chin who is well known for growing beautiful ornamental plants demonstrated how to graft adenium during the soft launching of the Agribiz Kapihan last June 16 at the new building of Harbest Agribusiness in Taytay, Rizal. The Agribiz Kapihan will be held every Saturday starting this coming July.

  • HIGH-QUALITY MEAT PRODUCTS – The RDF company boasts of high-quality meat procucts that it supplies to all its meatshops and restaurants that number more than a hundred establishments in Central Luzon and Metro Manila. The supply is assured because production, processing and marketing are all coordinated throughout the whole integrated operation of the company. Dr. Robert Lo is at left.

    Arsenio “Toto” Barcelona, the enterprising founder of Harbest Agribusiness Corporation, will start an Agribiz Kapihan that will be held every Saturday in his new building in Taytay, Rizal.

    A soft launching was held last June 16 which was attended by about a hundred farming and gardening enthusiasts. In that initial launch, Vic Chin who is famous for growing beautiful ornamental plants was the resource person who demonstrated how to graft adenium. This is the flowering small tree that is often mistakenly called Bangkok kalachuchi by many Filipinos.

    The adenium is an interesting ornamental because it comes in so many versions in terms of the color of he flowers, the size of the plants and their flowers. Some come with double petals while others have single petals. Enterprising gardeners graft onto one rootstock several varieties with different colors of the flower to come up with unique plants that command a high price.

    The Agribiz Kapihan is held on the third floor of the building. It is very spacious and it is also air-conditioned for the comfort of the attendees. Attendees will also see the vegetables being grown in the rooftop garden. Attendees are also encouraged to bring some of their unique plants for sale to the attendees.

    During the soft launch, Lani Espiritu of Taguig City who used to be in marketing of petroleum products had given up her employment to devote her full time to gardening which she has made into a small business. She specializes in culinary herbs that she grows the organic way. She does not use any chemical pesticides.

    At the Kapihan, she brought beautifully grown rosemary which is used in enhancing the flavor of grilled fish. It is also used as marinade for roast chicken and other culinary preparations. Lani says se loves to savor the smell of the plant by caressing the leafy branches and then imbibing the invigorating smell. According to her research, rosemary also enhances the memory.

    Lani had a bright idea in starting her garden business. She created on Facebook, a home gardening group where they exchange experiences and know-how in growing plants. One strict rule is that the group does not use the Facebook account for selling anything. Only exchange of gardening know-how is allowed. If they want to advertise their products, there is another platform where they can do that.

    Lani has rented a space in front of their subdivision and that’s where she sells her plants. She has registered her plant business as LMCP Enterprise. Her culinary herbs include peppermint, tarragon oregano, serpentina, thyme and many others.

    She said that peppermint is her most saleable crop. That’s probably because this herb has so many uses, according to her. Helping her to run the business is Jean Araneta who used to be their house help. She has been teaching her the basics in helping run a business. After all, Lani is a graduate of business management from a business school in Manila.

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