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All you need in a pick-up truck

The new Ford Ranger



Customers require a lot from today’s pickups. Not only do they have to conquer some seriously challenging terrain, whether to reach far off destinations for work or leisure, they also have to be powerful enough to haul a wide range of cargo, yet still be fuel efficient enough for everyday use.

The new Ford Ranger can manage all that, thanks to its enhanced power, performance, and smart and safe features. The enhancements made to the new Ford Ranger make it a more competitive choice even in light of the latest competition in the pick-up segment.


Power paired with efficiency

The most notable change is in the choices of diesel engines: the new generation 2.0L Bi-Turbo and 2.0L Turbo engines, and the Ranger’s proven 2.2L TDCi which provide even more power and torque than before.

The new Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4×4 allows you get the new-generation 2.0L Bi-Turbo diesel. This new engine, the very same one running in the Ranger Raptor, produces 213 PS at 3,750 rpm, and 500-Nm of torque at 1,750 – 2,000 rpm. All this power is more than enough to haul a full load in the bed, a trailer carrying anything from ATVs to a boat, or even pull another pickup out of a muddy pit.

All that power is efficiently managed by its new 10-speed automatic transmission to deliver torque and manage fuel efficiency throughout a wider range of speeds. The 10-speed’s close gear ratios reduce gaps in power and acceleration to make steep, slippery hill-climbs, or towing heavy loads (up to 3,500kg) much easier.

Choose the new Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4×2 and get the 2.0L Turbo diesel engine. This engine produces 180 PS at 3,500 rpm and 420 Nm at 1,750 – 2,500 rpm. Like the top-of-the-line Wildtrak 4×4, its power is also managed by the advanced 10-speed automatic transmission.

Choose the Ranger XLT and XLS variants and you’ll experience the proven power of the 2.2L TDCi engine. Easily the Ranger’s most popular engine variant, the Duratorq 2.2L TDCi produces 160 PS at 3,200 rpm and 385 Nm at 1,600 – 2,500 rpm. This is paired with a choice of a six-speed automatic (even for the XLS 4×2) or a manual.

Tough with comfortable convenience

Hard working pickups need not be hard on the hands or backs. That’s why Ford equips its Rangers with advanced smart and safe features to make the drive more comfortable and convenient.

First of all, the new Ranger’s suspension has been upgraded across the range to improve the ride while reducing body roll. It also makes the steering much more precise, making this tough truck feel like a luxurious sedan. There’s no catch. These suspension changes do not impact the Ranger’s class-leading towing and payload capabilities.

It’s difficult to keep your eyes on the road all the time. That’s why Ford has fitted the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) feature. This system is always watching the road for pedestrians and other vehicles and alerts drivers with an audible and visual warning. Besides the warning, the AEB also pre-charges the brakes to increase brake-assist sensitivity. This allows the driver to benefit from the full braking power of the vehicle in the event of an emergency.

Pickups are typical larger than most vehicles, making parking quite a challenge. That’s not a problem with the new Ranger’s segment-first Active Park Assist (APA). This system helps the driver find parallel parking spaces and steers itself into the parking spot. All the driver needs to do is control the throttle and brake.

Those long drives on the highway can also be tiring, particularly when the speed always changes with slow drivers on the fast lane. The Ranger makes this situation easy to handle with its Adaptive Cruise Control feature. The system senses traffic ahead and adjusts speed automatically. When traffic slows down, the new Ranger slows down too. As soon as traffic clears, the new Ranger returns to its pre-set speed. Meanwhile, the Lane Departure Warning feature vibrates the steering wheel if the driver unintentionally moves out of his/her lane at certain speed.


Loading cargo can be tiring, and a heavy tailgate can easily be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Thankfully, on the Wildtrak variant, the Tailgate Lift Assist system makes it the easiest part of the loading process. A new internal mechanism provides a 70 percent reduction in initial force required to raise it for closing. Not only does this system require less effort to lift, it also means that it’s easier to lower.

Finally, keep the keys in your pocket and simply hop in with the new Wildtrak. Smart Keyless Entry and push-button start are standard in these models, so you don’t have to fiddle through your pockets anymore.

Cue your favorite tunes, whether from your iPod, smart phone, or Spotify with its SYNC3 entertainment system’s built-in Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration. You can even continue your call or turn by turn directions after you step out of your car.


Bolder look, inside out

These changes in the engine, powertrain, and convenience features are matched by the Ranger’s tough but sophisticated new look. It starts with the bold new grille, LED daytime running lights and HID headlights in the Wildtrak, and a sports bar, roof rails, and bed rails.

The interior gets upgrades too, with premium materials like shadow chrome and silver accent stitching, that not only look and feel great, they’re designed to last long too.

The new Ranger’s striking exterior sees styling updates that carry on the off-road stance and visual appeal of its predecessor. With a bold new grille, a more distinctively-chiseled lower bumper now offers a broader intake for a more balanced look. Ranger Wildtrak variants boast LED daytime running lights and HID headlights for optimal visibility and vision, as well as hoop sports bar, roof rails and bed rails.

The new Ford Ranger comes in eight variants and eight colors, starting with the Ranger 2.2 XLS 4×2 MT at PhP 1,029,000 up to the top-of-the-line Ranger 2.0 Bi-Turbo Wildtrak 4×4 AT at PhP 1,695,000.

For more information on the new Ranger, visit or a Ford dealership nearest you.

By Iñigo S. Roces

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